Are Baggage Fees Cramping Your Style?

Where are you going for the holidays? If your itinerary leads you to your local airport you may want to think twice about what your pack in your luggage. As time passes airlines continue to raise prices on baggage fees. Some airlines have even began charging for carry-ons, restricting sizes and weights to a less than acceptable rate. Agents are demanded to buckle down on these restrictions and if your bag is a measly pound over the maximum weight you better plan on coughing up the extra change. Once you are at the airport your time for repacking is over and your either throwing out your valuables or throwing out the money. So, how can you pack all your favorite possessions without the heavy fees?

When pulling down your suitcase it is crucial that it does not exceed the dimensions provided by your airline. Each airline has a detailed webpage outlining the exact guidelines for size. Try and remain within 1-2 inches shy of listed dimensions to allow for error or disagreements at the airport. If the size puts a restriction on what you want to pack than consider some of these helpful packing tips. Socks, shoes, and under garments take up a lot of space, particularly socks and shoes. The good news is that there is a solution. By stuffing socks in to your shoes you can free up the extra space and prevent your shoes from getting squished, allowing the socks to hold the form. For clothing, you can save a lot of space my rolling the materials. Long time travelers can affirm that rolled clothing will take up less space than folded articles.

Packing your clothing tightly, free of spaces, is sure to make the most of your suitcase. However, this can often result in an overweight bag. Most airlines allow up to 50lbs before they add additional fees, but once you hit 51lbs you will be paying double for the same bag. If you don’t have a scale at your home try and use your best judgment. If the bag is hard to lift than it’s likely to be pushing the limit. Be sure to only pack essential items, leaving out shirts and pants that you only might wear. Making a list before packing is likely to eliminate unneeded materials. There is only so much weight you can transfer to your carry-on before that too is in the overweight zone; however, if the proper dimensions many airlines will not weigh carry-ons.

Remember that most destinations will have areas to do your laundry whether it be your relative’s home or the local laundry mat. Don’t hesitate to pack light and plan to do laundry as it can save you bundles in overweight fees. You can usually count on hacking up $25 additional dollars for every increment of 50 after the initial 50 lbs. You might as well leave the weight behind and save that money to treat yourself on your vacation.