Avoiding Fatty Foods in Restaurants

Shedding the extra pounds can mean some overall, undesirable lifestyle changes need to be made. Understanding the adjustments that must take place is easy until you realize that the fatty temptations are already greatly entwined in to your weekly routine. As if cutting out foods that are high in fat wasn’t hard enough, but now you have to cancel date night at your favorite restaurant. There must be a way for you to indulge without having to carry the extra weight back home with you. The best of both worlds is possible to reach with just a little self-control, rationality, and proper restraint when you glance over the menu.

Catch your jaw before anyone notices and remove your eyes from the fried section immediately. In order to take your new diet seriously it is a good idea to consider fried foods a part of the past. Yes, this includes french fries, deep fried, pan fried, stir fried, and even sautéed (which although doesn’t directly contain the word, it deliciously holds its properties). You can be sure that anything with this savory adjective has been swamped in sizzling fat and soaked to the brim with oils. By eliminating these types of food alone, you are one step ahead of the game. Ask your waiter to have the chef prepare your choice of meat, preferably chicken or turkey, boiled, steamed, or grilled. Although it may not be your first choice, you will find the results to be particularity tasty with the right seasonings and the perfect trimmings.

Wrapping your head around the breadsticks, cheese dips, salads, vegetables, potatoes, and all those other tempting items can be enough to make you wish you never came out. Lucky for you, there is sure to be something in the mix that can keep you satisfied and proud of your health. Avoid additional breads and cheeses, but choose your favorite vegetable cooked just as your meat. Be sure to tell your server to leave the butter off when possible. If you have been eyeing the salads to complete your entrée you have led yourself down the right path. It is not a salad that you should avoid at a restaurant, but it’s the dressing which is drowning the guiltless vegetables that is putting your diet to shame. If needed, chose a light dressing and dabble your veggies in it to extenuate the taste.

You will not be the chef so you cannot expect the same low fat options that you can when you cook for yourself; however, to avoid phasing out restaurants from your life you need to be conscious of what you order. Most importantly you must request all dressings, gravies, and additional toppings on the side so you can portion them out when needed. You will be surprised to see how much is left over when you simply add to taste, not to suffocate your entree. If you are going to have an appetizer, such as a slice of bread, just have one piece. Simple things to keep in mind, just because it is all you can eat does not mean you have to eat more than your stomach can handle. Get the breaded, creamy, and smothered images out of your mind, grab a water or one alcoholic beverage (wine, low calorie beer, or your favored spirit), and stay firm to your commitments for hopes of a healthier, nutritious lifestyle from here on out.