Cardio Equipment: Which is Right for You?

It is time to get in shape and get your heart rate pumped up. Drop the bag of chocolates and put your most comfortable workout gear to use. Getting yourself motivated to drive to your local gym can be the hardest part, but once you are finished you are sure to be pleased with your accomplishments. Some people follow strict routines during their workouts while others may find the next hardest step to be knowing what machines will be the most effective on their body. As exhausting as the cardio machines seem upon arrival, it is more than often a necessary part of weight loss. So, before your strap on your favorite running shoes and hit the car read up on your facts to learn which equipment is most suitable to your desires.

We are all well acquainted with the illustrious treadmill. No matter what gym you walk in to you are bound to see a line of treadmills before any other equipment occupies the lounge. Unless you have a preexisting condition that prevents you from performing activities that involve elongated standing than you should be able to find the perfect medium for you. The treadmill is made for the young and the old, the overweight and the fit, providing the option to walk, jog, or run at a variety of speeds and inclines. These machines are designed to be safe for all types of people, even the clumsy, and have built in stop switches that can be pinned to your attire for even the most helpless of falls. With all the glorifying aside, the treadmill is not for everyone. It can be an extremely boring route to take and you may require a little more action in your routine. Speed runners also hit a fork in the road when realizing that these power levels often do not exceed a level 12. Although these cautions make the machine safer for the larger crowd, it can be hard to practice speed when you are hindered from surpassing your personal record while training.

If your eyes glazed over what you secretly call the “atrocious, lousy treadmill” than you may find the elliptical machine to be up your alley. Offering many of the same attributes, such as speed and incline adjustments, this machine is often sought after due to its ability to have less impact on your body. Elliptical trainers are a fantastic option for those who may feel regular stress in their knees, ankles, or any other area from the strong impact of running or jogging. These machines are 100% capable of providing an activity that is just as physically grueling as the treadmill when adjusting to the appropriate resistance levels. However, if you tend to be what may be called a “slacker” in the gym world this machine may not be right for you. Since your feet are pasted to designated areas it is more than often the case that people do not challenge themselves and end up burning much less fat than the treadmill. It can be just as boring, especially with an extended workout, so be sure to stay motivated and always stick to your original workout regime.

One may refer to the treadmills and the elliptical machines as the “big two.” Although most commonly used, there are several different options for people to choose from. Of these you might see bikes, stair steppers, or rowing machines placed throughout your gym. These bikes, offered in a variety of designs, can be the ideal option for someone who seeks less impact and has the proper motivation. You often see bike riders kicking back with their favorite read while the option for an extreme, uphill battle is available to keep the heart rate high. Choosing a bike for your cardio means that you will need the drive to make the pedaling worth your while. Stair machines on the other hand are designed for those who have high motivation. Once you step on these machines you are sure to have your heart rate up within a matter of minutes, even at the lowest of speeds. If you are looking for a quick, intense cardio activity the stair stepper would be the right option for you. If you are seeking something that can simply be as easy, or as hard, as you want you can always jump on a rowing machine as well. They are great for increasing heart rate rapidly and working out your entire body when used properly.

No matter which option you chose, be sure you enjoy it. You are more likely to increase productivity and reach your goals when you feel entertained during your exercise. Always note that if one machine is causing you pain than you should stop immediately and target an alternative. There are too many options available to allow yourself potential damage to your bones and joints. So, bring your favorite tunes, create the ideal playlist, and pick the choice of cardio that seems perfectly right for you, your body, and your goals.