Cycling Tips for Beginners

Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor cycler these tips may help you get the most of your routine. Cruising down your favorite outdoor trail, or relaxing with your preferred magazine indoors, can often feel too easy to be effective. Let the truth be told to all the bikers out there. If you feel that your routine was easy than the chances of improving your skills, or promoting weight loss, are likely to be slim. To advance and make the most of your time and efforts you must maximize your motivation, take your terrain in to consideration, and push yourself accordingly.

Intervals. Bike in intervals and be sure to “rest.” Indoor and outdoor bikers can locate a number of recommended intervals using the internet. Beginner and expert cyclists alike should consider intervals when looking to increase performance and burn maximum fat. Do not sit on your bike and relax with your music, but either locate or come up with a plan for the next hour. These sets usually start out anywhere from 1-2 minutes of fast pedaling followed by a matched time of “rest.” Rest meaning that you will continue biking, but at a slow, comfortable pace. Sets are typically repeated 2-4 times and followed by 5-10 minute ride at a more relaxed pace. Adjust and modify these sets as you deem fit; however, a clear plan prior to each session should be established.

Climb. While outdoor bikers can’t always chose their climb, indoor bikers can decide how long, fast, and often they want to ride their next hill. Regardless of the situation, you need to keep your pace set at a manageable speed to avoid becoming burnt out and prematurely exhausted. It is often a mistake for outdoor bikers to come up on a hill with full force and lose energy almost immediately. Keep your pace steady. Indoor bikers, given the ability to set the incline, can further their skills by climbing in short intervals up to a minute long. A good method for these is to maintain your 5-10 minute pace after your intervals, follow by a climb, and repeat. Repeating these spurts up to 5 times is beneficial.

Push. Gradually push yourself to become a better cyclist. Once you have your intervals and climbing techniques established you should set a long-term goal. Each exercise should gradually increase in intensity and difficulty. This can be easily done by adding an additional repetition each time you hop on the bicycle. Be sure that when pushing yourself you are never over working your body. Proper rest in between exercises is crucial and can keep the body healthy.

Just these 3 tips alone can turn you in to a better, stronger cyclist. Becoming too comfortable on your bike can cost you time and improvement. Push your strength, buckle down, and pedal faster than ever before.