Disclosure Policy

To abide by the regulations mandated by the United States Federal Trade Commission the employees of ConsumerHealthShop.com have outlined a detailed disclosure for their viewers.

ConsumerHealthShop.com provides a platform for staff members to gather, organize, and rate products based on their individual research. Products are carefully reviewed and ranked based on beliefs or personal experiences drawn by our employees after analyzing products. Our website reflects only our opinions and does not speak for product manufacturers or distributors.

In order to provide beneficial reviews, all website information regarding specific product detail has been taken directly from product manufacturers or distributors. Our staff members are not required to test products in order to produce their personal review of an item. However, our product summaries are designed to help readers form their own assessments in the case they desire to purchase the product.

Our reviews are drawn strictly from the views of our writers and are never influenced by manufacturers or distributors. We do not trade reviews for payment nor will outside sources influence our beliefs.

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