Eat More Today

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the three quintessential meals of the day. By eating a hearty breakfast, a healthy lunch, and a well-rounded dinner you are doing the fair thing for your body, right? In many cases this type of diet is acceptable. Considering the other side of the spectrum, many people remain conscious of their calorie intake and notice little to no weight loss when following this pattern. As humans, especially in this day and age, we have too many delectable options to choose from and when eagerly awaiting for the next meal to approach it can often result in overeating. So, why not try an alternative method that involves eating more times, or more frequently, to keep yourself satisfied and your metabolism active throughout the day.

First things first. Evidently, eating more frequently might only help with weigh loss if done appropriately. This doesn’t mean you should double your meal load and keep portions at their maximum. In fact, the first thing you will want to do is plan out small meals, or snacks, that are healthy options and generally low in fat. It is important to know that although consistent food intake will keep your metabolism running, scientific evidence states that if calorie consumption is equal than frequent meals will have no greater effect on your weight.

Think about your daily diet and imagine what it would be like if you never got hungry. You would be able to make better health choices wouldn’t you? Most of the time we pull through a fast food restaurant because we are starving and want quick satisfaction. When breaking your meals in to 6 sections you will notice that your body will get hungry just in time for your next meal. You will see that you are never overly full, but simply satisfied with your servings. Since you aren’t famished and frantically working to push out a dinner as quickly as possible you are much more likely to make smarter decisions based on health, opposed to cravings.

You are more inclined to reduce overall calorie intake by following this path opposed to continuing on with your current diet. Cutting out a 500 calorie breakfast and replacing it with a 100-200 calorie alternative for your breakfast and late morning snack can cut out 100 calories alone. By making even the smallest of changes to your routine you can knock out 500 calories per day without much effort at all. Getting to indulge in some tasty foods all throughout the day may be enough to convince you to modify your diet. It’s worth a shot, simply eat a little more often today and you might weigh a little bit less tomorrow.