Intensify Your Workouts

Take your current workout routine and kiss it goodbye. As appealing as two hours at the gym after a long day at work sounds to you, I think you’d rather pass. More often than not these long intervals are what keep motivated people from continuing a consistent schedule. We all wish we had more time to spend on ourselves, but unfortunately a list of rigorous obligations take precedence always. Fortunately, there are ways to intensify your current, drawn-out workouts so that gym hours can be cut back dramatically and results will be equally, or more, noticeable.

Resting, or down time, during a workout routine is where many people lose a significant amount of time. To burn the maximum amount of fat you need to keep your heart rate up. This means that you need to be conscious of how often you take a break, chat with your friends, or simply sip on your water bottle next to your last exercise. Depending on what type of exercise you are performing will determine the suggested rest time in between sets. If you are doing a compound exercise it is best to take a minute to a minute and a half rest between exercises. A compound exercise will include any exercise that is working two or more main muscle groups simultaneously. On the other hand, when performing an isolated exercise, meaning you are focusing solely on one main muscle group, you can take a shorter break of approximately 30 seconds between activities. An effective method to guarantee that these rest times aren’t exceeded is by using a stopwatch and timing the intervals to keep intensity levels at their peak.

A common routine for people is to alternate upper body and lower body workouts. This often ends up doubling the amount of time spent in the gym. By combining workouts in to full body routines you can intensify your workouts and eliminate days spent in the gym. The recommended amount of full body workouts per week is 3, allowing you to free up many days. If you are someone who enjoys spending time in the gym daily, you can always perform full body workouts and partake in cardio activities on your “off” days. Note that extended amounts of cardio may not be the most beneficial way to maintain a powerful workout. For example: 15 minutes of jump roping can be just as effective as an hour on a treadmill. Heightened cardio and full body workouts are extremely productive methods for fat loss and boosting muscle mass.

Needless to say, your diet undoubtingly can take a toll on dulling your workouts. In order to have the intensified routine that you thirst you will need to follow a diet that won’t demand you to burn more calories than physically possible. More noticeable changes, with powerful outcomes, result from healthy choices in the kitchen. Certainly you can still make major changes by making sure that you always keep your heart rate up when exercising. Keep the little things in mind and remember that an optimal workout can simply mean minor changes in the way you perform, the time it takes you, and the type of exercises that you choose.