The Perfect Running Shoes

When your favorite pair of running shoes wears thin and your toe pops out the end you know it’s time to hit the shops. If only there was one place that sold one style of shoe suitable for everyone. Unfortunately it will take a little more effort than that to find the ideal replacement for your beloved sneakers. Knowing that there are countless stores selling endless name brands and styles you should arrive prepared with a brief description of what type of shoe you are after. By no means will you have to be a shoe guru, leave that up to the sales rep, but be ready to tell them a number of facts that can be crucial in obtaining the perfect, comfortable shoe for your foot.

You can begin describing your shoe type by identifying what type of runner you are. Do you sprint or do you run miles? Will you hit the hidden trails or drive to your local gym? How often do you plan on putting the new kicks to use? Knowing your style of running will immediately help narrow down which type of shoe you are after. Sprinting shoes come in a variety of styles and are often a more light weight shoe than a distance runner may acquire, sometimes including spikes that allow a runner to remain on the balls of their feet when sprinting. On the other hand, one might need more support and durability in a distance running shoe given that more impact and use is occurring during activity. Additionally, for biking shoes an entirely different style is opened up, including stiffer and clipless options for riders. After limiting your selection to those that are relevant to your style of activity you can further eliminate options by picking a sole that will be most fitting to the terrain you typically encounter.

To go beyond your preferred type of running it is crucial to know as much about your foot’s form as possible. Determining the level of arch in your foot is pivotal in the process. You can determine your foot’s arch by establishing if your foot is flat, mildly-moderately arched, or largely arched. If you do not notice a significant arch in your foot than it is most likely an average arch. In a shoe store, you are sure to find a sales representative that can help determine this factor immediately. Furthermore, it is also a critical point to know how you run on your foot. There are different types of shoes that can provide additional heel or toe support where needed. So, if you run on your heels now is the time to get the support to bounce off them for a proper workout.

Picking the wrong shoes can often mean more than brief discomfort, but it can cause injuries to your body that can be exceedingly painful. This often occurs when people choose the most popular shoe based on its physical appearance or purchase a product that is too small, or large, for their foot. Always have your sales associate take your foot measurement so that you truly know which size for the given brand will be satisfactory for you. Never rush the process or feel guilty about trying on a number of sizes and styles. In the end what’s important is that you find a shoe that is 100% enjoyable and perfect for you.