Winter Fitness Apparel Must Haves

Button up because the cold front is coming through! You can’t stop the cold breeze from blowing in so don’t let it stop you from keeping active. Statistics are dying to prove true again this year and throw you, along with the rest of the world, in to hibernation for the winter. You can either start writing a strict diet, investing in some larger clothes, or make the healthy decision to stock up on some winter fitness apparel to keep your body active. We all know what it is like to crack open the door and feel the wind biting against your cheek before you burst out to begin your morning jog. With the selection of warm, cozy clothing on the market, for both men and woman, you should never have to worry about staying heated.

Start off your winter shopping by investing in a base layer that will protect your body from getting the chills after you inevitably break in to a sweat. Most commonly sought after are tight fitting, long sleeve shirts and running pants (typically a formfitting legging style). Keep your eye out for the tag on these products ensuring that you are purchasing materials that will either absorb or repel unwanted liquids from making you shiver. Remember that once your body attempts to cool itself down you will need the sweat to vanish or avoid wetting your clothing in order to keep warm. Synthetic or wool materials are both popular options among the active crowd.

Once you have that base layer you may want to consider bundling up. As running pants often come in windproof styles, you may want to wrap up your upper half with an additional jacket on chillier days. Heavy, bulky jackets are not always preferred and can make your routine difficult. Seek out a lightweight jacket that can protect you from heavy winds and potential precipitation. Make sure to test out the flexibility of any jacket you try on by stretching your arms in various positions you might encounter during your routine.

If you have made it this far than you might as well finish the package and find the proper accessories for your exercise, especially if you plan on working out outdoors in cold climates. Thermal socks can be found easily and can help keep heat from escaping your body. Find a pair of shoes that are water resistant to avoid liquid from entering your shoes and making your feet cold and wet. Although your socks will keep your feet warm they cannot dry your shoes. Remember that with these thick socks you can lose room in your shoes so it is crucial to make sure your shoes fit correctly or you can be at risk of improper blood circulation in your feet.

Throw some light weight gloves over your hands, a hat over your head, or a headband over your ears to make even the coldest of days feel warm. Always choose gear that allows flexibility and proper circulation. After all, if you’re winter apparel decreases mobility you might as well be back in hibernation where it’s always warm. Staying warm is worth the time and money, but staying safe is also important. With winter comes darkness so keep reflectors visible and you can be well on your way to a proper, enjoyable workout.