Winter Jackets: Feel like a Pear?

Winter is well on its way and it’s time to crawl in to hibernation, for some that is. The BBQs and continual outdoor activities that were keeping you in shape have come and passed while the new chapter of winter has fully approached. Let’s face it. It’s cold, dry, often wet, and a step below undesirable for many. Frosty noses means motivation has officially kicked itself in to idle and the pounds have begun to pour in. When hiding behind a load of casual clothing your body can afford the extra weight during the harsher months. It’s when your go-to jacket leaves you looking bulky and undesirable that you might want to reconsider your fashion picks. Designers for the young and the old, the rich and the poor, have created thousands of carefully trimmed winter coat options. It’s knowing what to avoid this season that will get you fitted in the perfect style for your figure.

The dapper, slimming cut for him. Men typically have a lot less to worry about than women when it comes to coat shopping. Looking curvy is far from their goal and avoiding bulging is more up their alley. All body types should consider a fingertip or longer length for their next piece. Short jackets tend to make men appear round, stubby, or shorter than preferred. Puffy materials can have the same effect; therefore, heavy materials, such as wool, should be chosen to help flatten out the body’s appearance. Men can seek adjustments based on their figure by choosing options with broader shoulders, hoods, or buttons that may distract the lower body from receiving unwanted attention.

The dazzling, slender shape for her. Let’s consider your everyday athlete. She is probably slim; however, with a bundle of layers her curves may get lost in the mix. These type of ladies should consider shopping for a jacket that will accentuate her body. Belted items, patterns, and other add-ons are all options to consider. On the other hand, those who have generous curves will want to seek the opposite style for their closet. Decorated dressings can tend to make women look larger than they actually are. These women will want to limit their selection to fitted jackets, dark in color, with little to no decoration. Belted jackets can also help curvier women deliver an hour glass figure. Whether you’re thick or thin, short or tall, long coats tend to give the body a smaller image. It’s when you feel you look plump from these options that you can begin experimenting with add-ons to the collar, waist, or sides to offset any unattractive elements.

An equally import factor to consider for keeping an appealing shape are your under garments. If you’ve packed on 3 bulky layers it is likely that you are going to look plump regardless of the jacket. Cold climates can make layering essential; therefore, you must choose your layers wisely. Seek a base in a silk, wool, or synthetic material known to hold in heat. Fitted long sleeved under shirts and leggings are the best way to pack on the warmth and begin your slimming shape. Choose your sweaters with similar regards, keeping your eye out for thinner choices with higher quality fabrics. Put on your favorite jacket, pair with a wool scarf and mittens, and you’ll be in the right direction to feeling slender and chic for whatever comes your way.